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Recognising Signs of School Readiness


Starting kindergarten is a significant milestone in a child's life. Preparing your child for this transition begins long before the first day of school. Recognising signs of school readiness can help you ensure a smooth start to their educational journey.

What to Look For: 

Here are key areas to focus on and actions you can take to support your child's school readiness:

1. Language Skills: 

Action: Encourage communication by engaging in conversations and reading together regularly.

2. Social Skills: 

Action: Arrange playdates and group activities to help your child develop social skills like sharing, taking turns, and resolving conflicts peacefully.

3. Independence: 

Action: Teach self-care tasks such as using the toilet, washing hands, and dressing independently.

4. Curiosity: 

Action: Encourage your child's natural curiosity through exploration and discovery.

5. Fine Motor Skills: 

Action: Provide opportunities for drawing, colouring, and using scissors to enhance fine motor skills.

6. Basic Numeracy: 

Action: Introduce counting, recognising numbers, and basic math concepts through everyday activities.

Take Action:

Empower your child for a successful start to school by incorporating these actions into your daily routine. Recognising and nurturing these readiness signs will set the stage for a positive kindergarten experience.

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