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Our Story.

Why We Created Young Minds Thrive

At Young Minds Thrive, our journey began from a deep-seated passion to address the challenges faced by local children and families in our community. Drawing from our experiences in the health and education sectors, we were profoundly moved by the levels of disadvantage and vulnerability experienced by many families. We witnessed firsthand the impact of limited access to essential health, development, and early learning support on a child's readiness for school and their ability to experience early success. These challenges were further exacerbated by fragmented service delivery and poor collaborative practices between social support services and health and education providers.

Our research, fuelled by our lived experiences, revealed alarming statistics from the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC), indicating the extent of vulnerability among children in the Nambucca Valley. Shockingly, up to 60% of children in our community faced challenges related to physical health, emotional well-being, communication, and social skills, significantly higher than national rates. Moreover, these rates had persisted for over 14 years without local initiatives to improve them through government, health, or education services.

Only 8% of local families had accessed health and development assessments for their children aged between 3-5 years before starting school. Data collected from our Empowering Futures School Screening Program confirmed these findings. Children in our local area were also identified to be three times more likely to experience undetected hearing loss, which is linked to significantly poorer outcomes in various areas, including school success, attendance, social skills, mental health, and employment opportunities.

Compounded by extensive wait times for accessing essential services such as primary health care, early intervention allied health supports, and paediatric services, it became evident that our community lacked comprehensive, holistic support for healthy child development. This gap underscored the urgent need for a centralised access point for families, primary health services, and community support services to provide timely assistance, screening, and referrals for children in need. This is where the creation of Young Minds Thrive began.

What We Hope to Achieve

We believe that our innovative approach to addressing escalating rates of childhood developmental vulnerability and disadvantage will have a significant impact on local outcomes, including increased awareness of healthy child development, increased parent access to child development screening services, increased early identification of developmental delays, and fast referrals to appropriate support services. We anticipate our organisation will reduce extensive wait periods across multiple services, including Child and Family Health Services, Audiometry Services, Allied Health (Speech, OT), Specialist Paediatrician Services, and screening services for autism.

We aim to achieve these outcomes through four key activities:

  1. Centralised Access Point: Establishing a centralised access point for families and service providers to access help, support, screening, and referrals for children with health, development, behavioural, or early learning concerns. We envision a telehealth model supplemented by in-person visits for more complex cases.

  2. Community Access to Screening Services: Increasing community access to child development screening through targeted school/preschool programs and community clinics. Our objective is to make these services cost-free for parents through funding support from various sources.

  3. Raising Awareness: Committed to raising community awareness about the high rates of childhood developmental vulnerability and the imperative to change the trajectory for our children. By initiating conversations about healthy child development and engaging parents, services, and community stakeholders, we seek to foster a culture of support and understanding.

  4. Robust Data Collection: Prioritising robust data collection to inform evidence-based programs tailored to our community's needs. By sharing this data with relevant stakeholders, we aim to drive innovation and improve outcomes for children and families.

The Power of Collective Impact

At Young Minds Thrive, we believe in the power of collective impact. We envision a community where all stakeholders – children, families, primary health practices, NSW Health services, and the Department of Education – come together to create positive change. Through collaboration, accountability, and a shared vision for the future, we are committed to building a community where every child's potential is realised and every family's dreams are within reach.

Join us in our mission to empower futures and create a world where young minds not only survive but thrive.

Our Why

We have provided130+ health, development and early learning support assessments to local children and families. 

We have provided 175+ Child Ear Health and Hearing Screenings.

70+ families have accessed our Community Clinic for health, development and early learning support.

66% of targeted local schools signed up to participate in our 2024 School Screening Program.

Our Impact. Empowering Futures, one child at a time.

Our Impact
Kids Blowing Bubbles

Our Mission

Our mission is to combat rising child developmental delays and school readiness issues in disadvantaged regional communities by offering centralised child health, development, and school readiness screening services for children aged 2-7. Guided by principles of early intervention, holistic approaches, empowerment, collaboration, and inclusivity, we aim to serve families, schools, and communities effectively. With local roots, comprehensive screenings, unique health-education partnerships, mobility, personalised follow-up, tailored interventions, and robust data collection, we strive to enhance child wellbeing in regional areas of NSW.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their background or circumstances. By providing centralised child health, development, and school readiness screening services, tailored interventions, and robust data collection, we aim to combat rising child developmental delays and school readiness issues in disadvantaged regional communities. Through community engagement and collaboration, we strive to create a brighter future for all children living in regional NSW.

Our Core Values

Old-Fashioned Clock

Early Intervention

Detecting and addressing developmental and behavioural problems at the earliest stages.

Family Walking

Holistic Approach

Recognising children within their family and community context.

Gold Ribbon


Equipping families with tools for proactive support and education about their child's physical, emotional and social development.

Team work


Building strong networks with schools, health services, and communities to achieve collective impact.

Kids Blowing Bubbles


Ensuring all children receive equitable access to activities and services regardless of background.

Meet Our Board

Meet Ou Board

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our incredible team embodies a collective of dedicated, community-minded visionaries with a 'can do' attitude, unwaveringly driven to leave the world a better place, firm believers in the power of collective impact, and the profound notion that it takes a village to raise healthy children and families."

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