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School Ready Children Starts With Us! 

We help rural/regional communities prepare children for early learning success through early identification of developmental delays, fast referrals, family support and data collection to inform sustainable community change for healthier, happier, school-ready children.  

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We are on a mission to partner with all Primary Schools in the Nambucca Valley in 2024

Improve School Success

The Nambucca  Valley has one of the highest rates of children starting school with developmental delays in 2 or more key milestones. This directly impacts early learning success. We believe we can change this with our Empowering Futures Program, and we want all schools to have access to this innovative program. 

Our Doctors

Meet Our Team

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RN, RM, MMid, Post Grad Cert Child and Family Health Nursing, Immunisation.

With over 15 years of health expertise in various areas including Nursing, Midwifery, and Child and Family Health Nursing, coupled with a rich background in serving remote areas of Australia, my primary focus is on assessing childhood health and developmental milestones.


I am dedicated to identifying children who may be off track or at risk of falling behind, particularly in communities facing service accessibility challenges.

My passion is centred around fostering family partnership connections and recognising their significance in nurturing the health and well-being of our most vulnerable members.


Having called the Nambucca Valley home, I am deeply committed to collaborating with families, healthcare providers, educators, and the broader community.


Together, we can build community capacity and effect sustainable change, ultimately reducing childhood developmental vulnerability. Let's work hand in hand to make a positive impact on the lives of our youngest community members.

Bachelor of Primary Education

With 15 years of experience as a Primary School Educator and strong ties to the Nambucca Valley, my commitment centres on improving childhood learning outcomes and tackling developmental delays in education within this community.

Emphasising the importance of family partnerships and connections, I am enthusiastic about charting unique educational paths to inspire young minds.


I am dedicated to cultivating a growth mindset and solution-based thinking as key elements in overcoming challenges in childhood development.

The Nambucca Valley is not just where I live; it's a space where we can collaboratively work towards a brighter future for our children.

Let's come together to enhance learning experiences, address developmental delays, and create an environment where our youngest members can thrive.

How it Works

How Our Clinic Services Work

At Young Minds Thrive, we prioritise the well-being and success of your child and family. Our comprehensive services include vision and hearing screening (ages 4-18), and developmental assessments (ages 2-7). We also extend our support to school and learning needs for children aged 0-12 who may be struggling academically and socially in the school environment, with the help of our experienced learning support coordinator. 

What sets us apart? We embrace a unique family partnership model and early learning framework, combining the expertise of health and education into one unique, and effective service. This ensures a holistic approach to the early identification of developmental delays, behavioural problems, school learning difficulties, mental health and overall family wellbeing.

At Young Minds Thrive, you can expect a friendly, professional, and approachable atmosphere. Join us on this motivational journey towards ensuring your child's health, development, and learning success. Book an appointment today!

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Contact us to schedule a 15-minute free consultation with our team to discuss your child's needs. 

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Start Your Journey

Begin your child's journey towards optimal health, development and learning with support from our experienced Child Health, Development and Learning professionals. 

Our Services

Our Services

Why is child hearing screening important?

Child hearing screening is vital to ensure the early detection of potential hearing issues in your child. By opting for our screening services, you're proactively safeguarding your child's overall development and future success. Early identification allows for timely intervention and support, paving the way for improved language development, social interactions, and academic performance. Don't underestimate the impact of hearing on your child's well-being – prioritize their future by scheduling a child hearing screening with us today.

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